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who are the krazy players?

Krazy Players brings you the finest in reggae, R&B, old skool, revival. soca, afro beats and lots more. DC Goodtingz, Selector Steve and Tashini Jones are here to entertain you in their unique style so lend us your ears and enjoy the journey.

We are available to entertain you for all your special occasions - we play every type of music to suit your musical style and will be happy to discuss your requirements. Please click our contact link to get in touch.


DC is most definitely a force to be reckoned with - not only does he spin amazing choons but can tell the history behind much of what he plays. Also this DJ can mix on a different level.


The original east London soul boy, Selector Steve spins some soul tracks you've long forgotten about but will sneak in those reggae tracks that make you sit up and take notice.


Somebody has to keep these two under control so that is Tashini's job and occasionally can be caught spinning up some choons. Loves old school reggae, lovers rock and RnB going right back to the 60s.


We make sure we record all our shows so that you can listen to your favourite tracks again, listening to the madness or just love us so much you gotta keep hearing us.